Welcome to our blog on kitchen tips! We’ll be sharing some useful tips and tricks to help you become a more efficient and effective cook in the kitchen. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or just starting out, we hope you find these tips helpful in your culinary journey. Let’s get started!


Tip 1: Never serve food that isn’t fully cooked again!

How many times have you had to guess whether a dish is cooked or warm enough to serve?  While it’s not essential to check the temperature of food at home, it is in a professional kitchen as high risk items such as chicken have to reach 75 degrees C.  A thermometer can also be used to check whether oil is hot enough or even whether food is chilled enough.  There are a variety of thermometers on the market but a digital one with a needle probe is best, we recommend this one


Tip 2: Create professional looking meals.

Enhance the appearance of your dishes by using piping bags or squeezy bottles.  Not just for icing a cake, piping bags can be used for purees or even drizzling chocolate, you don’t need a nozzle, just fill the bag and trim off the tip to the size you need and away you go!  Squeezy bottles work best for smooth sauces or purees

NOTE: You can of course use nozzles if you prefer, this set contains the four most useful nozzles


Tip 3: Don’t guess when baking.

Cooking is an art, baking is science!  Baking ingredients should always be weighed and the best way to do this is by using a set of digital scales.  No guessing, the scales will weigh in different measurements including liquid.

Bonus Tip: You can always add but you can’t take away.  It’s worth weighing ingredients in separate bowls or being cautious when adding ingredients directly to the mixing bowl.  It’s a lot harder to correct if you add too much (speaking from experience!).


Tip 4: Keep your knives sharp.

Dull knives are more dangerous and also make it harder to cut through ingredients.  Treat yourself to new knives if yours have seen better days, this is a great set







Tip 5: Plan

The cliché ‘if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail’ is never truer than when you are part way through cooking a meal and realise you are an ingredient short!  Plan your dish or menu in advance, make a shopping list and get everything together before you start.


And Finally…

Preparing and serving restaurant quality food is easy when you apply the above. So let me leave you with two final tips…

Taste as you cook.

At the very least, taste before serving.  This will help you adjust seasoning and make sure the dish is to your liking before serving.

Clean as you go.

Cooking will be more enjoyable if you have a clean and tidy environment around you.  It’s sometimes easier said than done but worth stopping to clean and tidy as you work to prevent your kitchen being a chaotic mess as you serve your meal.

Happy Cooking!


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