Best of British Night

We recently held a Best of British event night at our Wombourne restaurant.  It was a true celebration of the culinary traditions of the four nations that make up the United Kingdom. From the moment guests arrived, they were treated to a glass of Montgomery Sparkling Seyval Blanc.  This Welsh sparkling wine set the tone for a memorable evening.

To start…

Guests were served a classic Scottish dish with a Welsh and Irish twist.  Cullen Skink was a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II. This comforting soup is made with smoked haddock, potatoes, and onions, and is traditionally served with bread. The addition of the Welsh rarebit on the Irish soda bread added a rich and flavourful element to the dish. To complement the flavours, we paired the dish with a very local Halfpenny Green Long Acre white wine.  This wine has a crisp and refreshing taste that balanced the creamy soup and the rich Welsh rarebit.


Best of British Main Course…

For the main course, we served a hearty homemade beef pie with neeps and tatties (traditionally turnips, more commonly swede and potatoes), which is a traditional Scottish dish. We added a Welsh twist by serving leeks with Welsh Black Bomber cheese.  The pie was accompanied by a glass of Whitewater Belfast Amber Ale, which had a robust and malty flavor that complemented the richness of the pie. The neeps and tatties were the perfect accompaniment, adding a subtle sweetness and earthiness to the dish.

Best of British Dessert…

For dessert, we went all out with a trio of British desserts that celebrated the culinary traditions of Wales, Ireland, and England. We served Eton mess, which is a classic English dessert made with strawberries, cream, and meringue. We added a Welsh twist by including Welsh cakes, which are small cakes made with currants. The Irish element came in the form of a delicious Irish Best of British at our restaurant in Wombourne


cream cheesecake. To accompany the desserts, we served a Flying Scotsman cocktail, made with Johnnie Walker Black Label, which had a citrusy and refreshing taste that complemented the sweet desserts perfectly.

Overall, our Best of British event night was a great success, showcasing the diversity and richness of the culinary traditions of the UK. Each course had a unique twist that celebrated the flavors and ingredients of each of the four nations.


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Best of British at our restaurant in Wombourne