Have you tried orange wine? Perhaps you’ve never even heard of it. I’ve tried it a few times and had a mixed view until now. But I’ve been converted, so much so that I have the wine available as our current guest wine at the restaurant. What is Orange wine? It’s a white wine that is produced by leaving the grape juice in contact with it’s skins, similar to red wine production. The colour and extra flavour extracted from the grape skins gives the wine its ‘orange’ like colour.
This Bodega AltoLandon Eblanco is just delightful. A pale orange colour and produced from grenache blanc grenache gris grapes. Full flavoured and brimming with apricot and citrus but without the overpowering flavours that some orange wines have.

Orange Wine..tasted at home, now available at the restaurant

If you are interested in trying some a bit different with some tapas, with dinner or even just shared with a friend in our cosy lounge I have a few in for guests. £25 a bottle.