Policy on Deposits

  • A deposit is required for all afternoon tea reservations (£5 per person), for reservations of 7 or more (£5 per person) and for special occasions at our discretion. This will include Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter Sunday, Father’s Day. This is not an exclusive list.
  • Deposits are taken for all reservations in December.
  • Our hosted events require full pre-payment upon reservation.
  • All deposits and event payments are non-refundable.
  • In the event of full cancellation any deposit paid will be forfeited.
  • In the event of a need to change dates we will as far as possible, honour deposit payments if a future date can be arranged.

Afternoon Tea 

  • Afternoon tea is prepared ahead of your arrival. Therefore any cancellation or reduction in numbers must be communicated to us (and acknowledged by us) the day before your reservation.
  • If you do not inform us of a change in numbers on your afternoon tea reservation you will be charged IN FULL for the reserved numbers.


  • If you have a large party and have pre-ordered with us the latest time for cancellation of places is 2 hours before you are due to arrive. If your numbers reduce after this cut off period then you will be charged IN FULL for the pre-ordered meals.
  • If you do unfortunately have to cancel places on a pre-ordered reservation then providing it is more than 2 hours before you are due to arrive then you will forfeit only the deposit. You must inform us of the cancelled meals.

COVID related cancellation

In the event of the need of a cancellation due to COVID we will attempt to find an alternative date for your booking / reservation. However, if your reservation for an non-movable event date we will only offer a move of your deposit if we can resell your reservation. (examples would be Mothering Sunday, Valentines, Easter Sunday or any of our hosted events)

  • Any decision on the refund or movement of deposits is entirely at our discretion



One voucher can be used for a maximum of 4 desserts.

One single party can have a maximum of 4 free desserts.

To receive a free dessert EACH person must purchase a main meal from our menu at a minimum of £13.

The two course £16 lunch offer is not included in this offer.

Cheeseboards are not included in this offer

Vouchers are valid until the end of September 2023

Louise and Simon