Policy on Deposits

  • A deposit is required for all afternoon tea reservations (£5 per person), for reservations of 8 or more (£5 per person) and for special occasions at our discretion. This will include Valentines Day, Mothering Sunday, Easter Sunday, Father’s Day. This is not an exclusive list.
  • Deposits are taken for all reservations in December.
  • Our hosted events require full pre-payment upon reservation.
  • All deposits and event payments are non-refundable.
  • In the event of full cancellation any deposit paid will be forfeited.
  • In the event of a need to change dates we will as far as possible, honour deposit payments if a future date can be arranged.
  • COVID related cancellation

In the event of the need of a cancellation due to COVID we will attempt to find an alternative date for your booking / reservation. However, if your reservation for an non-movable event date we will only offer a move of your deposit if we can resell your reservation. (examples would be Mothering Sunday, Valentines, Easter Sunday or any of our hosted events)

  • Any decision on the refund or movement of deposits is entirely at our discretion

Louise and Simon