New Year, new chapter, new you!  New year resolutions are all about becoming the best version of yourself, and turning vegan is hot on the heels of joining the gym or giving up alcohol.

The word ‘vegan’ comes from the beginning and end of vegetarian.  It was decided that non-dairy vegetarian was not quite the right definition of someone who has chosen to follow a plant-based diet.   Veganism still seems relatively new, although you may be surprised to hear that it was actually over 2000 years ago that the first people were discovering a non-meat, non-dairy based lifestyle.

Veganism is described by the Vegan Society (est 1944) as a way of living which seeks to exclude exploitation and cruelty to animals (where possible).  Celebrities including Will.I.AM, Madonna, and Arina Grande, among many others, all follow a vegan lifestyle.

We want to make sure we are catering for all of our customers including vegetarian and vegan guests.  All of the major restaurant chains are following the same path, including Greggs, most famously known for its meat-based pastry products have even launched a vegan sausage roll (much to the disgust of Piers Morgan!).

Vegan doesn’t mean boring and we have some exciting dishes on our new menu.  When following a plant based diet, you may be concerned about the lack of calcium, iron or protein within a plant-based diet.  These can come from many sources (including meat and dairy) see here.

Moroccan chickpea tagine

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